Sweet Hour
Zero is More than Nothing
Radio Sygma
A Collection of Love Letters

Felisha Ledesma is a sound artist and musician currently based in Malmö, Sweden.

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“Originally composed for livestreaming events during the ongoing lockdown of 2020, Felisha Ledesma presents two extended pieces as a debut album, “Sweet Hour”. Ledesma’s first full length release arrives after much experience in creating collaborative works with artists such as Isabella and Angelo Harmsworth, site-specific installations, and high-profile festival performances.

Both pieces were realized using a new software synthesizer, called “AMQR”, which Ledesma built for personal use in collaboration with Ess Mattisson. Contrary to many digitally-based compositions, a distinctly warm and organic palette pervades these recordings. An almost playful leisurely pace is employed, engaging the listener to listen deeper; the pieces gracefully evolve with special attention to subtle shifts in stereo field and sonic coloration.

The time-of-day titles illustrate the two distinct moods conveyed: "7:00 AM" integrates field recordings and a hardware modular synthesizer, taking the listener through a psycho-acoustic journey exploring various nooks and crannies of subdued auditory rivulets: perhaps a hidden woodland brook, a sunny glen, a crunchy gravel walkway. "2:00 AM" harkens to the memories of nightclubs, opening with a synthesized arpeggio which could lead into a dancefloor-ready stomper. But instead, Ledesma steps back, allowing the arpeggio to develop into an encompassing ASMR-like timbral massage. The two compositions are united in a slightly melancholic grasping for connection; are they unfolding or are they unraveling? Ledesma does not answer the question outright, but instead finds joy in superposition and sublimation - while creating a space for the listener to inhabit, to live in, and to re-connect.” – Enmossed × Psychic Liberation